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Welcome to Red Oasis

A Learning Oasis in Mt Isa

About Us

Red Oasis aims to provide children with stimulating learning environments which will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Our service is approved to operate under the National Quality Framework and is regulated by the Office of Early Education and Care. We are required to comply with the Early Education and Care National Regulations and are assessed under the National Quality Standards. For more information visit

We encourage you to drop by and meet the Red Oasis team and have a tour of the centre. See you soon.

Centre Overview

  • Open 52 weeks per year
  • Catering for children from 6 weeks to school age
  • Family owned and operated
  • Fresh nutritious meals provided (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
  • All nappies, wipes and sunscreen provided
  • Large playground with water sprayers, slides and bike track
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Happy, caring and experienced staff
  • Free hat and T-shirt given for each new enrolment

Playground Features

  • Water sprayers
  • Dry creek beds with bridges
  • Child operated water pump
  • Large sand and exploration pit
  • Bike track
  • Designated climbing area with Australian Standard Softfall
  • Cubby structures
  • Slides built into a climbing mound
  • Natural gardens
  • Substantial shade

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Red Oasis Early Education and Care is that children and families are of upmost importance. We believe that the foundations laid in the early childhood years are crucial to a child’s growth, development and sense of belonging. We have developed educationally appropriate programs that support the Early Years Learning Framework while acknowledging the importance of learning through play. Our educators are able to provide the highest quality care that is considerate and flexible to the individual needs of all children and their families.

It is our strong belief that each child is given the opportunity to evolve and develop in an environment which supports and develops their individualism as well as nurturing their strengths, aspirations and sense of self.

It is our aim to provide an open and friendly environment where all parents/educators and children feel accepted and wanted regardless of culture, religious and family beliefs, socio-economic status, gender or abilities. We believe in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through awareness and education. We value what each individual has to offer to our centre and encourage all to share the same. We recognise the family unit as the primary educators in a child’s life and value the role of this unit in the centre’s program and policy decisions.

We believe that all children be afforded equal opportunity to access programs, resources and activities without prejudice. We offer to all children equal access to whatever it is they require, developing and growing in a way that is meaningful to them and meets their needs, abilities, talents and special requirements.

We are committed to the care of the whole child and therefore maintain strong links with the wider community to ensure that the care we provide is based on current early childhood trends and facts. We value the diversity of Australian culture and actively embrace the wide variety of cultures within our community. We aim to make the transition from home to centre as smooth and meaningful as possible for both child and parent/guardian.

We aim to communicate on varying levels with all parents their child’s progress and accomplishments. We believe in open lines of communication based on mutual respect and a desire to promote each child’s learning and well being.

At Red Oasis Early Education and Care we strive to develop trust, respect and responsibility among all relationships. We value the need of the child as paramount and strive to remain open so that all voices can be heard, all possibilities realised and all potential fulfilled.


  • Learning Programs

    Red Oasis Early Education and Care uses the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to develop individual educational programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework. Our educators design learning experiences which support children in achieving the following learning outcomes outlined in the Framework:

    • Children have a strong sense of identity
    • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • Children are confident and involved learners
    • Children are effective communicators.

    Our educators provide opportunities for children to learn through play by creating physical and social learning environments that have a positive impact on children’s learning. We value our partnerships with families, who we identify as the child’s first teacher, and we encourage their input and involvement at our service.

  • Kindy Program

    We are approved to provide the Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program which gives children the best start to life. The program is operated by an early childhood teacher and uses the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines in conjunction with EYLF to support children in their transition to formal schooling. The program is provided for children in the year prior to starting Prep for 15hrs per week over 40wks in the year. Eligible families can access the program for NO or LOW FEE. Ask us how!

  • Enhanced Learning through Technology

    The service has an interactive whiteboard and numerous iPads to enhance learning programs with technology, these devises are used to develop information technology skills and also complement learning programs by accessing information otherwise not easily available. For example, when a child shows an interest in a butterfly seen in the yard, educators can quickly access photos and videos of the lifecycle of the butterfly to extend children’s interest.


  • Inclusive Fee Structure

    Our fee structure is all inclusive, as well our educational and development programs, we provide all nappies, wipes and sunscreen.   Our experienced in-house cook prepares fresh nutritious meals daily including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

  • Menu Information

    Menus are balanced to meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines to ensure nutritious meals for growing children and focus on the use of fresh fruit and vegetables. Our menus change constantly so that children are exposed to a wide variety of foods from a range of cultures, of course our favourites are repeated upon demand! We meet a range of dietary requirements including individual allergies and cultural preferences. A sample menu is below, current menus are displayed at the service.

    Samples Menu

  • National Quality Standards

    Our educators are constantly working to achieve the National Quality Standard to improve quality and meet the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework. These principles are:

    • The rights and best interests of the child are paramount.
    • Children are successful, competent and capable learners.
    • Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin the framework.
    • Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued.
    • The role of parents and families is respected and supported
    • Best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services.

    The National Quality Standard sets a national benchmark for the quality of education and care services across seven quality areas:


    We have developed, in consultation with our families, a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) which is available at our service. We encourage family input into this document.


We understand that starting at a new service can be a little daunting for some children (and adults) so we take the time to support you with the transition to our service. Upon enrolment, our friendly team will conduct a full orientation including a centre tour and explanation of our programs and services. We encourage families to come along and have some little visits prior to starting to support children to settle in. Vacancies are limited so we encourage you to contact us today to enquire about available care for your child.

Please complete the online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will endeavour to contact you within 3 business days. Alternatively you can give us a call or drop into our centre for a tour.

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